2016 artists

Building Bases

Building Bases Press is the moonlighting project of Matty Kleinberg after he comes home from work. With woodblock prints and the forefront,  Building Bases aims to speak to the memory of home, place, and the safe havens that allow us to be ourselves. BBP also features handmade pocket journals and holiday ornaments.

Building Bases



Art Farm 

Art Farm is a full service screen printing shop & graphic design studio.



Sleepy Kitty Arts

Sleepy Kitty is the graphic arts and music project of Paige Brubeck and Evan Sult. The duo started making posters for their bands in Chicago in 2007 and relocated to St. Louis in late 2008 to set up their screenprinting and art studio. In 2011 Sleepy Kitty was named “Best Poster Designer” by the Riverfront Times. Sleepy Kitty Arts creates posters and screenprinted goods for bands, theater companies, venues, wedding and commitment ceremonies, and other interesting events.




STyLeHouse  is the ultimate St. Louis-inspired clothing & merchandise emporium. Custom screen printing, promotional products, graphic design and good times.



Grease 3

Grease 3 is a shop and gallery space on the west end of Cherokee Street. The storefront is open weekends and curated by Julie Rechtien and Brittany Boynton, the girls behind Butt’n Booty. It offers a selection of affordable handmade and vintage goods and artwork. Think buttons, keychains, hand-painted denim jackets, prints, paintings and more. The gallery is managed by local artist, Conor Murphy, and will host a range of shows and events in a casual environment starting in January.



From a small studio in St. Louis, Missouri, Maginating combines a love of clean design, whimsical characters, and bold colors to a unique line of greeting cards & art prints designed by former animator, Brad Woods. Whether they’re printed on an antique letterpress or a more traditional method, each piece of artwork is an expression of love in one of its myriad forms.



Edo Rosenblith

Edo Rosenblith was born in Tel Aviv Israel but in 1988 has spent most of his life in the United States. Rosenblith received his BFA in painting in 2011 at the Rhode Island School of Design and will receive his MFA in visual art at Washington University in 2017.Rosenblith has exhibited throughout St. Louis, at The Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis; Gallery 210 at the University of Missouri-St. Louis; The Luminary Center for the Arts; Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts; Des Lee Gallery and The Millitzer Gallery. Rosenblith has exhibited nationally at the So What Space Gallery in Brooklyn, New York; The International Print Center, New York; The Elmhurst Museum, Chicago and internationally, at Jenifer Nails Gallery in Frankfurt and the Annex Gallery in Berlin. In 2013 his first book, PINK was published by Fort Gondo Press in 2013. Rosenblith’s work has been featured in Keep Eyes Magazine and New American Paintings, No 119. He is a recipient of the Regional Arts Commission Artist Support Grant, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation “Power of Art” Grant, P. Buckley Moss Foundation Grant for Children’s Education and Florence-Leif Peers Grant for Painters.






Brittany Woods Middle School

Brittany Woods Art students work hard creating middle school masterpieces all year. They are accepted into competitive art programs all over Saint Louis including LEAP at the Contemporary, Saint Louis Artworks and scholarships to Craft Alliance. Advanced students created art prints which include etching, lino-cuts and screen prints. They also have wrapping paper, stickers and cards for sale.  Ceramics Club printed ornaments in clay, and our 7th graders created mini-zines with guest artist Dan Zettwoch.



Narcise / Jen Bradford

Jen was raised near St. Louis and comes from a family of makers. From upholstery and furniture building to sewing (and sowing), She has had the benefit of being surrounded by multiple generations of family who are skilled in their craft and eager to teach the next generation. Narcise is the outlet for her own need to make by combining the materials and techniques of those who came before me in ways they never imagined. Her pieces are entirely hand-crafted by her, using pre-refiner reclaimed/re-cycled metals, wood scrap from guitar manufacture, sustainably hand-harvested botanicals, foraged horn and quartz that is sustainably mined on a small family-owned and operated mine in central Arkansas. She hopes you’ll love wearing it as much as she loves making it.



Stephanie Gobby

Purveying the whimsical and weird, Stephanie Gobby is California transplant making her way as an illustrator, designer and maker in St. Louis, Missouri.




Cullen Curtis

Homeless time traveler/ critically acclaimed postage stamp counterfeiter

The Art of Cullen Curtis


James Osterberg / Old Suitcase Prints

Old Suitcase Prints is really just a moniker used by Saint Louis local James Osterberg to sound more important than he is.  When he isn’t teaching, parenting, or husbanding, James can usually be found in his basement screen printing posters or cutting linoleum.  This is his 4th year selling his prints on Cherokee out of his old suitcases.


Arden Goewert

Arden is a 67 year old student and believer in lifelong learning. She enjoys printmaking in all its forms. She has a quirky and off-kilter view of the world which is reflected in her art. While drawing on inspiration from the long history of people making art, she strives to bring her unique and original view to her personal images. She hopes her prints will evoke a sense of shared experiences and common history with you, touching our archetypal connection.


Mark Farris


Barbara Zucker

Barbara Zucker is a photographer and print  maker. Her interests are alternative photographic process and contemporary image making techniques. She exhibits locally and beyond, gives workshops, and is a member of several local arts organizations.


Valerie Dratwick

Valerie Dratwick is a Photographer and Printmaker. She graduated from University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2004 with a Bachelors in Studio Art, emphasis in Photography, in 2011 she continued her education in Printmaking. She has had her work in many shows. Her artwork mainly is emphasized in black& white, non-silver photography and mixing printmaking techniques.



Jay Fleming

Jay Fleming was born in Greenwood, Mississippi, and spent much of his childhood on Air Force bases in England, Germany, and Taiwan. Acclaimed for juxtaposing the exuberance and uncertainty of the early years of the age of technology, Fleming’s work celebrates man’s mid-century optimism and excitement about the future. He lives in St. Louis.



Ryan Murtha


Amanda Attarian 


Chloe Rudloff


Dominique Begnaud

Dominique is a Louisiana transplant exploring the St Louis art scene. She relocated to St Louis three years ago to pursue her master’s in art therapy counseling degree at SIUE. Upon completing the program in May, she was excited that she could begin getting more involved with the St. Louis art community.  She is trained as a printmaker and painter but loves to create mixed media pieces integrating bits and pieces of life.  Her most recent endeavors have primarily been exploring organic free form “landscape” paintings and drawings by beginning with tea stained papers.  Her art work is often organic with a botanical themes.   She incorporates these from her garden and exploratory walks around the city.



Sam Kennedy

Sam Kennedy is an STL based printmaker currently pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts. She has worked at Tom Huck’s Evil Prints as a Press Assistant for 3 years. She enjoys exploring many printmaking process in her work. You can purchase her t-shirts and work at Tom Huck’s Evil Prints and also on her website.



Caitlin Metz

Caitlin is an artist and designer, letterpress printer and book maker. Through the use of narratives, vulnerability and confession, she aims to facilitate the intersection of shared experience, creating work based on personal history and identit(ies) that will resonate with others who are living similar and different truths. She makes books and zines about identity, mental health and shame. Expect delightfully depressing illustrations, encouraging phrases and practical guides to surviving anxiety and the winter. (St. Louis, MO)





Sara Wong

Sara is an illustrator and monster enthusiast from San Diego, California. She loves telling far-fetched stories through images lush with texture and color. When she’s not drawing, she’s hoarding plants and chasing squirrels with her dog.



Chris Reisenbichler

Chris Reisenbichler is a St.Louis-born Illustrator who is constantly experimenting with media—anything from collage to watercolor to graffiti mops—and has made a personal style out of painting himself into a corner to paint his way back out. He’s recently come down with a fierce monoprinting and bookbinding bug!



Sopearb Touch

Sopearb Touch is an artist and illustrator whose work references cultural meshing, pop culture, cats, and personal insanity.




Garage Studios

Garage Studios is a collaboration featuring Marnie Claunch, Katherine Avant and several others. This multi-artist group includes print-makers that use a variety of techniques including reliefs, reductions, screen prints and dry-point etchings. They will also have an assortment of art for sale including art prints, cards, and handmade note books.




Home Skillet Productions/Jen Fuller

Fuller is a South Saint Louis native and a maker at heart. Her work includes drawing and printing with a focus on nature, domesticity and cultural phenomena. Home Skillet serves as an  umbrella for Fuller’s functional and non-functional work on both paper and textiles.



Lindsey Melickian


Elizabeth Moore

Elizabeth Moore is a painter, mixed-media artist and printmaker from St. Louis.  She uses DIY techniques, layers of texture and intuitive lines to create striking, mind-melted fields of images.  Her prints and paintings actively mirror consciousness: globs of swarming suggestive images conjoined by line and bold color spaces.  In addition to paintings, she has produced concert and festival posters, as well as album art for musicians working in the outskirts of psychedelia, experimental and noise.  



Jason Spencer /Killer Napkins 


James Bratten


Anamaria Zaggy 


Scott Sandifer

STL based artist and designer




Alli Lesch

Allison Lesch is an illustrator and maker based in St Louis MO.  Her work emphasizes a handmade approach with a whimsical focus on color and pattern.



Samantha Philipp

Art student and printmaker


Melissa Wilkinson

Pop culture, fandom and super cute merchandise



Tricia Goldman

Printmaking student at STLCC


Sam Lacadin

Sam Lacadin is an UMSL senior and studio art major with an emphasis in drawing. Her art focuses on strong outlines, flat color, and a graphic style that mostly involves the figure as well as text and/or text bubbles. She enjoys plugging into pop culture and is strongly inspired by music, stories, love, and emotion. Her work primarily involves acrylic paint, ink, soft pastel, and screen printing. She is currently an intern at St. Louis Artists’ Guild.



Lareina Hembrock

Lareina is an UMSL senior and studio art minor. She finds inspiration in everything; She loves the creative processes and planning involved with printmaking. She is currently a massage therapist and certified yoga instructor in St. Louis. She is passionate about art, movement, and encouraging self care for every body.



Citizen Carpentry

Marcis is an artist, carpenter, and one half of Citizen Carpentry, a social business dedicated to communal, environmental, and economic sustainability for St. Louis and beyond. Through hiring people who’ve faced previous barriers to employment, Citizen Carpentry provides opportunities for community development. Through our partnership with Refab, we keep wood waste out of the landfill where it releases methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Your purchase helps keep money moving within the community rather than being leeched out by big box corporations.



Robert Armbrister

By day, Rob Armbrister works as an art director, designer, and illustrator. By night, he creates monsters out of paper and ink. Keep an eye out for his Paper toys, stickers, prints and more.


Rach&Shan Prints

Rach&Shan Prints is a collaboration between two art school seniors at WashU, Shannon Levin and Rachel Youn. They’re working on a selection of hand crafted gifts including printed felt patches, screen printed cards and caps, political posters, and more. Their work will appeal to those who like a little humor, nudity, and love. Come check them out and support a pair of bourgeoning artists!

Rachel’s Website: www.rachelyoun.com

Shannon’s Website: www.shannonlevin.com


Theresa Williams

Theresa is a graphic artist for Whole Foods Market but she dabbles in printmaking on nights and weekends. She prints at Central Print in the Old North as an open studio member. Her work is mostly whimsical, nature-inspired woodcut prints featuring stars, trees, and the outdoors. She’ll also be bringing some random linocut prints, lithograph prints, handbound notebooks, and maybe some cards… we’ll see! ha!




Red Herring Illustration / Jeffrey Johnson

When Jeffrey Johnson was in high school, he wanted nothing more than to be a muppeteer. He studied every book he could find, drew pictures, built several small puppets. Somewhere along the line though he realized that he enjoyed designing and making things more than he enjoyed performing. So he did the only sensible thing, and got a degree in printmaking. Now he does archival reproductions of illustrations, in addition to limited edition poster, screen print, and linocut runs.




Jasmine Raskas / Unus Mundus Art

The reality that everything emerges from and returns to one

Jasmine Raskas’ art is inspired by the colors and shapes found in nature, the philosophy of a collective consciousness, and the theories of reality that unite science and soul. To be certain is not to know. The goal of her art is to make you smile and then smirk. She invites you to slow down and think. Take a moment to wonder why. Remember how tiny we are compared to the stars, and yet how big can be a single heart. Feel that we are all in this together and believe that every moment is as beautiful as you make it.







Bear & Otter Co.

Bear and Otter Co. is the personal design studio of David Peery and Jared Rourke, focusing on typographic explorations of themes close to our hearts.


Ellie Rodenberg / The Salty Traveler

Deeply inspired by nature, and equally enthralled with love itself, Ellie Rodenburg finds her best creations happen with people in mind. She loves being in between the exchange of two people, creating one-of-a kind gifts and cards that speak love from one human to another. Traveling the world spreading joy and love with her art is what sets her heart free, especially this time of year. All profits made from her art go to raise money for future mission trips, or to support other missionaries abroad. Shine light, be salty, spread love.



Melinda Schmidt

Melinda Schmidt is currently a student at UMSL, studying graphic design but has a passion for printmaking. She is influenced by the fluidity of making art, creating compositions revolving around the abstract ideas around her. Her work is influenced by recent travels, as well as abstract feelings and ideas and explores many traditional print methods such as screen print, lithography, and mono print.



Fine Line Studio

Fine Line Studios is an arts based day program for adults with disabilities, located in the Bridgeton neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. They are a part of Resources for Human Development, a national human services nonprofit specializing in creating innovative quality services that support people of all abilities. At Fine Line Studios, their mission is to support adults with disabilities through the arts, and provide an environment that fosters a range of skill sets that build confidence and personal empowerment. Through the arts, they enrich the lives of those they serve.  Their artists participate in a variety of print making techniques from screen printing, relief block printing, and mono printing.





Type Hike

Type Hike is a collaborative design project including 60 designers and typographers, each of whom has created a unique design for a park they love in celebration of the National Parks Service centennial this August. The project is organized by David Rygiol and James Louis Walker. 100% of the profits from goods sold will be donated directly to the National Park’s Centennial Campaign and used to give the parks another spectacular century.




Dan Beezley

Printmaking isn’t his day job, so this ain’t a business blurb. Dan does it because he likes the look that comes out of a pressed image, and its cool to be able to continuously reproduce an image if people like it.


Jon Henderson 

Printmaking gives me a nice balance of being able to harken back to the old traditions and practices, while also being able to try new techniques and styles that are constantly introduced in this growing field. My goal is to create pieces that are equally interesting when viewed from afar and at close range. I enjoy using as many printmaking processes as possible to create a rich, layered texture in my work.


Carry Northrup


Hive Mind Comics

Hive Mind Comics is the collaboration between Brandon Daniels and Sam Boven. They create mind bending comics and short narrative zines.



Chaos Collage

Chaos Collage is the home of the collage, zine, illustration, and apparel work of Rachel Wyrick. Rachel creates unrestrained feminist art, ranging from sharply funny buttons to beautiful and complex celebrations of female identity.



Adam Bertels / Desktop Dunkies

With Desktop Dunkies … you’re either the Dunkie or the Dunked-on.  Dunkies come ready to frame or with some imagination and crafting you can recreate your favorite slam dunk posters or create new exciting scenes. Desktop Dunkies make just about every dunk possible! #GETDUNKING




Jessica Bremehr

Artist, illustrator, maker wheeling out lady inspired prints and pins in St.Louis. Come take a look at the female and the femme experience through a woman’s eye.


Jessica Moore

Jesse Moore UMSL Student pursuing a Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Studio Art and Art History  Artwork focus: The exploration of humans in the ever-changing landscape of nature and civilization.


Kerry Stevens

Kerry Stevens pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking: UMSL student looking to find her voice in sharing the importance of Ecopsychology. The Greeks etched into stone that man was the measure of all things, yet a stone can be chiseled into anything, all things, not just man. Significance is in all the natural world.


Jack Waldron / The Book Whisperer

The Book Whisperer  started selling books in the summer of 2016 at flea markets and the STL Swap Meet. TBW’s curated collection of used books has something if you’re looking for a challenging classic, a gift for a friend, or a just a trashy beach read.



Julianne Wise


Julie Hill 



Brennan Ponder


Ronald Weaver


Westminster Press

Westminster Press is an Art Gallery, Consignment Shop, and Printmaking Studio dedicated to promoting work by artists of marginalized identities, inclusive of women, LGBT folks, people of color, and our allies. Our goal is to create space for underrepresented artists through our gallery, showcase local talent and handmade goods through our storefront, and explore queer identity and the St. Louis experience through our prints.




Dan Zettwoch

Dan Zettwoch makes slice-of-life & historical comics, goofball illustrations, how-to diagrams and fluorescent/folksy screenprints in his house in St. Louis. He’s made BIRDSEYE BRISTOE (Drawn & Quarterly), AMAZING FACTS & BEYOND (Uncivilized Books) recently helped design THE MOUND CITY TATTLER. He is currently working on a new series of homemade prints about the oddball birds of St. Louis. He uses gas-station squeegees and his slop sink is a horse trough. 



Basil Kincaid


Kristin Cassidy 


Kneehigh Prints 

KneeHigh Prints has given up the commercial t-shirt printing and devoted his life to making unique prints on paper for you.




Rebecca Bodicky / Alice Blue Collective

Alice Blue Collective is a project dreamed up by Rebecca Bodicky, comprised so far of flowers, and art.  Born and raised in South St. Louis, Rebecca studied art at NYU and returned to St. Louis City to generate creativity.  A florist, she arranges flowers and plants at restaurants and coffee shops throughout the city, and also adores creating arrangements for weddings and everyday orders.  As an artist, Rebecca teaches classes such as watercolor painting and flower arranging throughout the city.  With such a varied background, Alice Blue Collective is still being shaped, and these individually-hand-drawn-hand-painted notecards are a good example of other forthcoming wild, unpredictable projects– the latest of which is beginning to farm flowers on a couple of Gravois Park city lots. This will be Rebecca’s third time selling at the Cherokee Print Bazaar.



Benton Park Prints

Benton Park Prints is an independent St. Louis print shop that creates modern graphic art for every room of your home. We offer familiar St. Louis themes along with a vast array of typography prints for the kitchen and bathroom, all of which can be customized.




Joyce McCown / MoonShadow Press

MoonShadow Press is a one-woman art studio all about encouraging thoughtfulness, creativity, storytelling, & emotional wellness. The artist, Joyce McCown, has lived in St. Louis for 10 years, & has a BFA in Printmaking from Wash.U. This year at her booth you’ll be able to find small editions of hand lettered Christmas & Hanukkah relief prints!




Please Hold Magazine

Please Hold Magazine is a St. Louis based quarterly multimedia arts and literary magazine publishing experimental work from emerging and established artists around the world. Founded in May 2014, Please Hold Magazine aims to promote creativity and inspire collaboration across multiple disciplines by curating visual, literary, and musical arts side-by-side in an interactive online format. The first issue was released on December 13, 2014.



Britta Buescher

Freelance artist and designer Britta Buescher, is known for her rock posters and fine art prints. Working for names like Deafheaven, Dark Horse Comics, and Nickelodeon she has quickly developed her own unique style in the music and the low-brow art industry. Producing prints under the name The Outlet Epoch, Britta currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her modest record collection. She’s a professional high-fiver, cheese connoisseur, and listens to metal daily.




 Rebecca Eilering

Rebecca Eilering is an artist in the St. Louis area that is heavily inspired by St. Louis area architecture, history, and bicycling. She has been working with drawing, printmaking, and photography to document, study, and share my unique view of the St. Louis area. Some of the prints she will be selling are relief prints from an ongoing series of prints of demolished buildings in the area.

She has an MFA in printmaking from Ohio University (2005). She has been working and exhibiting her work in the St. Louis area since 2006. Her work was recently featured in the Fall 2016 issue All The Art (and is the cover art).




Terminal Press 

Terminal Press owned/operated by Dave Goodman. Terminal Press has only been around for a few years now, but is growing and gaining notice from the local stl print scene. Goodman is a 20 year veteran printer from the metro east, he has been providing band merch and other printed wears to local and national acts for many years.

Terminal Press is currently working towards a new print shop in Edwardsville, IL and coordinating with Jim Harper( ex mastermind behind Boxing Clever) as a partner. Harper also runs his new venture Jim Harper creative out of the same shop.


Cameron Williams / Art Culture King 


Emily Gogel Knopke

Emily Gogel Knopke is a printmaker and jeweler from St. Louis. Everything she produces has a vintage flair to it and women are common throughout her work. She received her BFA from University of Missouri St. Louis. Currently, she works at Fine Line Studio where she assists adults who are developmentally disabled make and sell art. Emily has accepted a position to be a jeweler’s apprentice and she is excited to take the steps to become a jeweler.



Lilly Kiti


Bridget Carey

Riso Hell is a new Risograph press run by Bridget Carey and Brandon Bandy, based in St. Louis. Along with producing their own work, they are hoping to introduce other local artists to the aesthetics and advantages of Riso printing. Their body of work draws from pop culture, American life, and Twin Peaks. They will be accompanied by local artist Jake Hunn. All prints and zines are made in small editions. Those unfamiliar with or curious about Risograph printing are encouraged to stop by, they would love to talk to you about it!



Vidhya Nagarajan

Vidhya Nagarajan is a illustrator and designer living in St. Louis. She creates illustrations for newspapers, magazines websites and book covers. She loves mean cats.



Noah MacMillan

Noah MacMillan is an illustrator and designer living in St. Louis. He creates fun graphic images for print, web, products or anywhere else with almost shocking punctuality. He is available for illustration and design projects large and small and for cookouts.http://noahmacmillan.com/


Matt Washausen

I am a senior graphic design student at UMSL university with a passion for design and printmaking.


Steve Coplin

UMSL student majoring in drawing and printing.


Hollywood Indian 

Aaron Woods is an artist who focuses primarily on the evolution of humankind as an animal and our impact on the natural world specifically in regard to all other sentient beings. The growing movement towards social justice, peace, and a truer sense of community in Western culture is undoubtedly linked to how we treat the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, regardless of species.


Lauren Marx

Lauren Marx is a a St. Louis artist that has been exhibited all over the country and internationally. Her work is centered around the concepts of life and death using highly-detailed flora and fauna, drawn in pen and ink. Some of her pieces have been reproduced as off-set lithographs that have been locally printed. All prints are limited editions, signed, and numbered.

Kyle Brandt-Lubart

Tiniest Postcard Emporium features handmade postcards, cyanotype sun prints, and assemblage art. All crafted by Kyle Brandt-Lubart, a Dutchtown based maker whose ongoing work in the mental health arena informs and inspires her creative practice.


Melissa Miller

Melissa Miller started making her yarn wall hangs a year ago when decorating her massage therapy space. She found the process of making them very therapeutic and a great way to de-stress while creating beautiful art to share. Each hang is unlike any other, using branches she finds on her parents property in Illinois. She will have a few medium sized wall hangs for purchase along with her “mini hangs,” which include necklaces and earrings. She does not have a website to purchase from but if you are interested in seeing where she goes with her work, and don’t mind a lot of pictures of cats and nature, follow her on Instagram!



Savannah Bustillo

Savannah Bustillo is a printmaker originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. While her work uses a wide array of processes, her favorite process is experimenting with carving different materials and printing them by hand. A large theme in her work is creating a space for understanding how different agents situate themselves in relation to the environment, especially through lenses like ecofeminism. Savannah is a BFA candidate for printmaking at Washington University in St. Louis.



Elliot Head


Priscilla’s Portable Jewelry Shop


Golden Gems

Amanda and Susan are sisters who create handmade goods and accessories.  They make wall hangings and prints with a minimalist aesthetic.  They make patches and pins and embroider all their patches in house   They grew up on Golden Gem Road spending most of their childhood making and creating. They were explorers, always looking for new materials and new ways to do things. When it came time to name their business, they knew they wanted it to include where they came from. Together they are Golden Gems!





Mary Mosblech


Mirka M Fette

Mirka Fetté is currently president of the Saint Louis Watercolor Society  Her background in architecture and art inspire her to be experimental in applying new techniques.  She has studied with numerous nationally known artists.  Textures and patterns in nature are of particular interest to her.  Printmaking has opened up a whole new territory that allows for different kinds of expression.  She enjoys fine art printing because there is tremendous opportunity to different textures using layers.  The prints can take on a bas relief quality that is very pleasing and the layering inherent to printmaking tells a history for each piece.  These prints can be enhanced with collage, watercolors, pastel or a different printmaking technique if they need something extra.  The creative process is life enhancing and brings a more peaceful, meditative state of mind.  The ability to present her perception of nature is a joy.



Artists Anonymous

Artists Anonymous is a student based group formed out of the University of Missouri St. Louis. This collective is geared towards enriching the experience of the students at the College of Arts, as well as supporting the surrounding community.

For more information, contact us on Facebook or Instagram: @ArtistsAnonymousSTL



Danielle Spradley


Julie Hill




SkinnyD Creative Studio is a small screen printing shop located outside of Columbia, MO, and specializing in hand printed art, posters, shirts, stickers, and buttons. The art ranges from vintage inspired silhouette imagery to pop culture references to geek inspired apparel and is sure to have something for everyone on your holiday shopping list!




Kat Reynolds

Kat’s work specializes in portraiture and architectural photography. She has learned that through subtle changes in her practice, that working with a subjects innate character can bring the most disarming feelings to the work. Through photography she has learned patience, humility, and the need for authenticity within her own practice. Her work generally deals in Blackness from her own perspective and she continually searches for what it means to produce Black work.”


Garbage Party Press

Garbage Party Press is an artist collective that combines a love for printmaking and pop culture to make glorious gobs of garbage.  Come and visit them and check out the funkiest and filthiest comics, zines, prints and shirts around!




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