2017 artists


Building Bases

Building Bases Press is the moonlighting project of Matty Kleinberg after he comes home from work. With woodblock prints and the forefront,  Building Bases aims to speak to the memory of home, place, and the safe havens that allow us to be ourselves. BBP also features handmade pocket journals and holiday ornaments.

Building Bases



Art Farm 

Art Farm is a full service screen printing shop & graphic design studio.



Sleepy Kitty Arts

Sleepy Kitty is the graphic arts and music project of Paige Brubeck and Evan Sult. The duo started making posters for their bands in Chicago in 2007 and relocated to St. Louis in late 2008 to set up their screenprinting and art studio. In 2011 Sleepy Kitty was named “Best Poster Designer” by the Riverfront Times. Sleepy Kitty Arts creates posters and screenprinted goods for bands, theater companies, venues, wedding and commitment ceremonies, and other interesting events.




STyLeHouse  is the ultimate St. Louis-inspired clothing & merchandise emporium. Custom screen printing, promotional products, graphic design and good times.




From a small studio in St. Louis, Missouri, Maginating combines a love of clean design, whimsical characters, and bold colors to a unique line of greeting cards & art prints designed by former animator, Brad Woods. Whether they’re printed on an antique letterpress or a more traditional method, each piece of artwork is an expression of love in one of its myriad forms.



Katie Catherine

Katie Catherine features illustrated goods by St. Louis illustrator & art educator Katie Schaefer. Her silly imagery is meant to bring smirks and smiles to the young and young at heart. When she’s not making or teaching art she keeps busy picking up new hobbies like hula hooping and gardening with her bearded husband and her hairless pooch Mysterio.


Fine Line Studios

Fine Line Studios is an arts-based day program supporting adults with developmental disabilities, located in the Bridgeton neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. We are a part of Resources for Human Development (RHD), a national human services non-profit, dedicated to supporting thousands of people of all abilities every year with effective, innovative, and person-centered programs. Fine Line Studios offers adults with disabilities an outlet for unbridled creativity and self-expression through visual arts, music, and community involvement. We provide individuals with the tools and materials to create art and the supports to define themselves as artists. Through classes in drawing & illustration, painting techniques, printmaking, ceramics & sculpture, jewelry, fibers, filmmaking, creative writing, and original music production, we allow our clients to explore their creative desires and develop their artistic skills. We help our individuals gain access to the local community through volunteering and leisure activities, by visiting local art museums and galleries, and showcasing their artwork in exhibitions. The staff members we employ to support our artists come from various backgrounds in the arts, allowing us to create a vibrant, diverse, and unique culture. Through the arts, we enrich the lives of those we serve.



Designs By Myranda

Myranda offers prints, paintings, and pins through both of her brands. Designs by Myranda has everything from your favorite pop culture fandoms while Grave Markings explores darker themes with plenty of skulls, witchcraft, and creatures of the night.




The Unforgiven

Tyler B. Ruff Tyler was born and raised in Waterloo, IL, which you may need pointed out for you on a map. He now lives and works in the more well-known city of St. Louis, MO, where he makes art and writes and illustrates indie comic books to stave off the existential dread of our current reality.



Matt Bryan & Mike McCubbins

Matt Bryan and Mike McCubbins make comics, posters, postcards and more with a dose of sci-fi, a touch of humor, and bit of the artsy and experimental.


Benton Park Prints

Benton Park Prints is an independent St. Louis print shop that creates modern graphic art for every room of your home. We offer familiar St. Louis themes along with a vast array of typography prints for the kitchen and baroom, all of which can be customized.

Benton Park Prints


Arden Goewert


James Bratten & SkinnyD Creative Studio

James is back representing SkinnyD Creative Studio for another awesome year on Cherokee! James is a designer, illustrator, and screen printer out of Columbia, MO, cooking up prints focusing on figures, nature, and nerd culture. His most well know pieces are his “Unconventional Stock” series featuring images and text printed on old book pages and sheet music.




Tyler Gross

Tyler is a freelance illustrator and graphic artist based in St. Louis. He likes food and skateboarding. He’s only been arrested once.


Neal Griffard


Killer Napkins

Killer Napkins is Jason Spencer, born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. After studying fine art at a local college he expanded his creative passions, ranging from illustration, apparel design, sculpture, and painting. By combining the cute and horrific, he has created a body of edgy and unique work. thanks



Marissa Finazzo


Amanda Attarian


Sopearb Touch

Sopearb Touch is an artist/illustrator who likes to talk about himself in third person and whose work references cats, pop culture, & alchemy.



Cullen Curtis

Cullen Curtis is an interdisciplinary artist from St. Louis, currently based in Kansas City. Primarily utilizing various methods of printmaking, his work centers around dreamy scenes and “escapist fantasies.” He incorporates historical mythology as well as a mythology all his own to access a sort of archetypal accessibility in his images. A tongue-in-cheek nihilist and misanthrope, he frequently uses a pastel, pop-surrealist pallet to put a sugar coating on bitter pills.



Hive Mind Comics and Chaos Collage

Hive Mind Comics is the home of the continued collaborations of Brandon Daniels and Sam Boven. Through their science fiction comics, they explore ideas of collective consciousness, such as the group minds of social insects or technologically connected neural networks of artificial beings.

Chaos Collage is the mixed media collage and paintings of Rachel Wyrick. Rachel uses a variety of techniques such as photo transfer, paper collage, digital collage, and painting to create work that visualizes the fragmented nature of memory and illustrates dream states.




Kneehigh Prints

KneeHigh Prints is the art production branch of Nick Nihira Industries. It specializes in drawings, prints, and accessories.




Elizabeth Wolfsan


Stephanie Gobby


Dominique Begnaud


Mary Mosblech

Mary Mosblech is a resident artist at Missouri Artists on Main. She  makes relief prints from plastic, linoleum and wood; etchings and lithographs. She is currently taking Printmaking at University of Missouri -St Louis. She has been juried into art fairs: Central West End Art and Taste, Art in the Park at Francis Park, Queeny Park (Best of Show, 2D, 2013) (Artmart Award, 2011), Artist’s Boutique at Kirkwood Community Center
Historic Shaw Art Fair, Mosaics Art Fair,  where she received an Award of Excellence in 2008 and 2009.


Melaknee Art

Melanie has a Bachelor of Arts in Fiber Art from Truman State University, but she explores a variety of media and processes including screen printing, cyanotype, watercolor, encaustic, and most recently batik. Her work is collage at heart, and drawing inspiration from nature, she renders ethereal scenes that encourage a pause for reflection.



Tom Moore 

Tom Moore is an illustrator and visual artist based in St. Louis. He graduated with an MFA in Visual Art from Washington University and has since worked on a variety of editorial, web, and institutional illustration projects. Tom is an avid coffee drinker and an architecture and film enthusiast.



Jillian Stiles

Jillian Stiles is an Illustrator currently residing in St. Louis. She has an affinity for small, round animals, video games, comics, and film. She is available for freelance and offers of free hot chocolate.



Valerie Dratwick


Katherine Moore


Ghetto Rig Limited Artist Editions

Ghetto Rig is Brennan Ponder and Julianne Wise. An artist run print shop specializing in small run silkscreen editions.




Theresa Williams


Jack Waldron


JT Walls

JT Walls is an artist in the St. Louis area with backgrounds in illustration, design, printmaking and photography. He has always been heavily influenced and inspired by sign painting, carnival art and classic horror movies and recently focused his energy on painting and printmaking.



Mr. City Printing

I am a transportation engineer/artist and I founded Mr. City Printing in 2011 . Our shop is an independent studio located in Nebula on Cherokee St. We use a combination of engineering + art to create prints, shirts, notecards, and home goods. Our gifts are a unique way to show and share your city pride.



Mirka Fette

Mirka Fetté is currently president of the Saint Louis Watercolor Society  Her background in architecture and art inspire her to be experimental in applying new techniques.  She has studied with numerous nationally known artists.  Textures and patterns in nature are of particular interest to her.  Printmaking has opened up a whole new territory that allows for different kinds of expression.  She enjoys fine art printing because there is tremendous opportunity to different textures using layers.  The prints can take on a bas relief quality that is very pleasing and layering inherent to printmaking tells a history for each piece.  These prints can be enhanced with collage, watercolors, pastel or a different printmaking technique if they need something extra.  The ability to present her perception of nature is a joy.



Edward Schmid


Kid Buffalo Press

Kid Buffalo Press is a one man operation that was started in a basement, that moved to a studio, that moved to an apartment. My background is in photography so a lot of my print work derives from photos I have taken on various trips around the country. Where ever I go my printing comes with, I like to think of myself as the ‘roaming printer.




James Osterberg (Old Suitcase Prints)


James Osterberg is a printmaker and art educator living in St. Louis.  He prints (screen and lino) at home in his basement.  This year James will be releasing 3 new poster prints celebrating the thrill of thrifting.



Kerry Stevens 

Kerry Stevens is a Student at UMSL Fine Arts.  She is just a girl chasing a degree and trying to make art along the way. She seeks the spirit of the natural world and use it as a catalyst for making imagery in different mediums. A mixture of screen printing, water lithography, and linoleum relief.


Kira Baker

Kira Baker is earning a BFA with a certification to teach K-12 art, and a minor in art history. Her emphasis is in drawing; however, she love to explore all mediums of art. Printmaking is one of her favorites. She has an expressive personality, and art is her creative outlet!



Wicked Arts and Crafts

Amanda Tevebaugh started Wicked Arts and Crafts in 2014. She is a Saint Louis native who’s medium is primarily linoleum cuts/relief printing. She also personalizes select prints with vibrant watercolors, giving them more depth.



Mike Behle


Jeff Sippel


Paul Artspace

Paul Artspace is a residency program based in St. Louis, Missouri that offers living and studio space for local, national, and international artists, writers, and curators. Through providing time and space, Paul Artspace promotes thoughtful discourse and artistic exchanges within the greater cultural community.




Wang Dang Doodle Press

Wang Dang Doodle Press was founded by Aimee Smith in 2014. She graduated in 2016 from UMSL with her BFA in Printmaking. Wang Dang Doodle Press started as a small screenprint press making small prints for the home. It has since grown to include textiles, stationary, home goods, and furniture; all made with original screen printed designs. Wang Dang Doodle Press can be found at many local and Midwest Based art and craft shows as well as online. Each item; from print to pillow, was made to bring joy and whimsy to its viewer.



Matthew Washausen 

Matthew Washausen is a senior graphic design student at UMSL with a passion for design and screenprinting.



Steve Coplin

Steve Coplin UMSL student majoring in illustration and printmaking.


Ronald Weaver


Daniel W Zettwoch

Dan Zettwoch makes slice-of-life comics, goofball illustrations, how-to diagrams and folksy screenprints in his house in St. Louis. His books include BIRDSEYE BRISTOE (Drawn & Quarterly), AMAZING FACTS & BEYOND (Uncivilized Books), and lots of self-published mini-comics. At the request of his two-year old son Archie he just finished a massive neon green and silver screenprint showing the mechanical and historical underpinnings of The Monster Truck. He always has ink all over himself.



Stuart Shadwell

Stuart Shadwell is a St. Louis based cartoonist, illustrator, and puppet maker. He is the founder of STL Puppetworks and organization dedicated to advancing the art of puppetry, animation, and cartooning in the St. Louis area and beyond.


Apotheosis City Project

Apotheosis City Project believes in a shared responsibility to love, own, and shape the places we call home. As an architect and urban planner, we create designs that celebrate our cities and promote active citizenship.


Tim Potthoff

Tim is an UMSL student majoring in Photography and Printmaking. He enjoys both and tend to have a crossover from photography to printmaking or printmaking to photography. His photography is both traditional and digital which lends itself to printmaking. Many of his prints are derived from a photograph, which works well with silkscreen and photolithography. But his prints are also relief, etching and traditional lithography. His photography prints are basically contact prints in the form of Cyanotypes or Van Dyke Browns on printmaking paper.  He likes variety and believe it makes life more interesting.


Lillian Stephen

Lillian Stephen’s work revolves around form, rooted in an interest in history and design. She thinks about things like architecture, and etch-a-sketches, and Gumby, and blocks, and Howard Hughes, and Lustron houses, and chairs, and triangles, and crayons, and cardboard, and ads in 1940s Arts and Architecture Magazine, and urban planning, and radio, and repetition, and Girl Scout cults, and grids, and Ikea instructions, and the decline of cities, and 60’s institutional buildings, and parking lots, and working with cheap materials, and how freeing that is, and the idea of movable parts, and trying to be playful in making.



Peter Holohan

Pete makes work using traditional printmaking methods, primarily woodcut with some intaglio, lithography, and letterpress. Ranging from jumbo to tiny, many of the prints illustrate the rich tradition of folklore that permeates our city.



Brittany Woods Art Students

Brittany Woods Art students work hard creating middle school masterpieces all year. They are accepted into competitive art programs all over Saint Louis including LEAP at the Contemporary, Saint Louis Artworks and scholarships to Craft Alliance. Advanced students created art prints which include etching, lino-cuts and screen prints. They also have wrapping paper, stickers and cards for sale.  Ceramics Club printed ornaments in clay, and Zine Club created comics..



Garage Studios

Garage Studios is a collaboration featuring Marnie Claunch, Katherine Avant and several others. This multi-artist group includes print-makers that use a variety of techniques including reliefs, reductions, screen prints and dry-point etchings. They will also have an assortment of art for sale including art prints, cyano – type cards, and ceramics mugs and plates printed with lace.



Blue Mask Studio

Blue Mask Studio is the strange mutant brain spawn of artist, muralist, illustrator and turtle saver Patrick Weck. When not awkwardly crammed into an exhibit at the St. Louis Zoo painting habitat murals for herpetological fauna, Patrick spends much of his free time creating ink and watercolor fine art and comics inspired by fantasy, surrealism, natural history and speculative fiction. Find his work at patrickweck.artstation.com, or buy prints at BlueMaskStudio on Etsy, or follow him at bluemaskart on instagram. If you want to see his work in real live meatspace, it is for sale at the Book House in Maplewood and frequently at one or more local St. Louis art galleries.





Sam Kennedy Prints

Sam Kennedy is a St. Louis based printmaker, painter, and multimedia artist. She received her AFA from St. Louis Community College- Florissant Valley in the spring of 2015 and her BFA from the University of Missouri- Saint Louis. She has worked as a Press Assistant at Tom Huck’s Evil Prints since November 2013. Additionally, she has exhibited her work throughout the St. Louis area.


The Salty Traveler

The Salty Traveler is an artist and a student from St. Louis, but I’ve always had a soul made of sand and salt. The ocean inspires almost everything that I create, and I love the idea of combining my Midwest origins with other inspirations from parts of the world I have been to. I make hand printed artwork and t shirts, as well as greeting cards, dog portraits, wedding crests, and other personalized and commissioned pieces! ALL of the proceeds from this show are going to fun a service trip to a children’s home in Kenya that I am going on in January with Monsta Surf out of Australia – and to help raise additional funds to build the children a basketball court while we are there. By shopping local with The Salty Traveler, you can give back in meaningful ways! Spread love, and stay salty St. Louis.




Edo Rosenblith & Peter Pranschke

Edo Rosenblith received his MFA from Washington University in 2017 and Peter Pranschke received his BFA from UMSL in 2003. Both artists have exhibited their work extensively through out the region and will be selling books, zines and prints at the Print Bazaar.


Kristin Cassidy

Alaska native Kristin Cassidy is a multidisciplinary visual artist residing in St. Louis, Missouri. Kristin’s careful fascination with overlooked, yet highly expressive minutia, gently connects her work as one large body. Her obsession with detail earned Kristin ‘Best Set Design 2017′, from Saint Louis Theater Circle Awards, for her immersive & eerie set design of YoungLiars’ ‘Burrow’; a one-man production set in an extemporaneous, cavernous homestead. Kristin’s work often begins with the conscientious rescuing of dismissed or discarded items, whose intrinsic or contextual value she discovers on her regular scavengings along the Mississippi River. Kristin curates the items in emphatical typology until what naturally emerges is story-like expression, with Kristin as director, and her items as characters each with their precise role. By making spectacle the peculiarity of discovered items, or by emulating the effects of time, Kristin’s work brings light to the inescapable duality of accumulation and loss.


Jessica Bremehr

This will be Jessica Bremehr’s 3rd year at the Print Bazaar with new prints, tshirts, pins, and more.  Jessica’s work focuses on the female body and sexuality.    


Jerie Rhode


Jeremy Rabus

Jeremy Rabus’s paintings are carefully composed abstract images in which he exploits the effect of tangent brilliant colors, with an occasional seemingly expressionistic swipe of a neutral hue. During the process of making his paintings, Jeremy applies shapes in paint, sometimes organic, sometimes taped off geometrically, and then accumulates multiple layers of paint passages, strategically complementing, enhancing, and concealing certain areas of the painting. He then uses a power sander to grind away at the layers, revealing fascinating shapes and suprising color relationships. The resulting textural effects resemble stone, mist, lava, rivulets, or atmosphere, eventually achieving a “landscape”. As an emerging artist, Jeremy has participated in numerous national group and St. Louis-area solo exhibits. He lives and works in St. Louis, MO.


Long Beard Print Shop

Long Beard Print Shop is a one man outfit that was started in a tiny basement room and has since spread into a shared studio space and beyond (pretty much anywhere that has room to work). I specialize in wood block/linocut printing both on paper and shirts, but I always try to keep a whole assortment of other inky goodness readily available. I’m not fancy. I just make things that I like and hope that you like them, too.



Jacob Berkowitz

Process driven artist, Jacob Elior Berkowitz held his first exhibition displaying abstract minimalist photography. Continuing his study of composition he began to explore motion, creating documentary shorts of artists processes. As he found harmonies between the simple and the complex, the loose and the controlled, the potent and the soft, his working style began to take shape. In 2012 he became a member of The Screwed Arts Collective, who create large-scale mixed media improvisational collaborations. Primarily documenting their works to start, sharing their values of spontaneity and transparency he began to move fluidly within the collective, exploring different mediums and roles. 

Soon abstract painting became Berkowitz’s foremost focus. The medium allowed for heavier failures and larger discoveries as he no longer felt limited by the external and looked further inward. A fuller part of himself was able to play a role in the work through its gestural qualities. As the visual language of the work developed, his interest in finding a balance between intuition and reflection translated physically to his process of gesture and constraint. Thriving in unfamiliar territory, he is informed by the contrasts of scale, context, and vulnerability drawn through a balance of studio work and site-specific murals and installations. Within that adaptation the works shifts, the vocabulary expands, and the process is ever revelatory.




Mutant Pulp

Mutant pulp is the home of Griffith Moore’s paper toys and pop up cards. Mutant pulp aims to bring an interactive and playful side to printed goods. A little mad science, a little fine art, Mutant Pulp offers paper gifts for the goofballs in your life.



Adam Greer



Alyssa Daoukas



Theresa Hitchcock

Theresa makes with whatever media she can get her hands on.  Her current work focuses on quilting, woodworking, glasswork, ceramics, and alternative photography. She is an art therapist in training and has been an arts educator for the past 10 years with a focus in creative reuse and community engagement. You can find an exhibition of her current work Where We’ve Settled on display at South City Art Supply through January.



Nicci Nemesis Prints

Nicci Arnold of Nicci Nemesis Prints is a printmaker currently pursuing her BFA at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and works as a press assistant at Tom Huck’s Evil Prints in St. Louis. She has been working in the medium of printmaking for four years and utilizes techniques including relief printing, wood engraving, intaglio, screen print, and lithography.



Nicole Mramor

Nika Marble is a collage artist residing in St. Louis. She used found materials to compose surreal dreamscapes on paper.



Lauren Kanyuck


Citizen Carpentry

Citizen Carpentry is a social enterprise – an LLC with strategic goals focused on social good. We offer sustainable carpentry services and training in practical trades through our apprenticeship program. We’ll be selling small handmade wood products made from cutoffs and reclaimed materials.




The collaborative processes of Eve Bobrow and Finnegan Roy-Nyline in Zine form. Beyond the radical and further beyond even the post-radical is LATHE, the zine built to resemble a monstrosity of creative passion.



Savannah Bustillo

Savannah Bustillo is a printmaker from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She specializes in woodblock reduction prints that focus on food and language play. If hand-carved is your thing, this is the place for you.




Print Club

Print Club is WashU’s premier printmaking club that works to allow anyone free access to learning printmaking processes and techniques for making works on paper. It is run by current WashU students for students to just hang out and make things. Print Club will be selling all student work with no limit on subject or size.


Swamp Trash Press

Swamp Trash Press is a one-man operation devoted to bringing the masses the drippy, gooey, sticky, and the slimy! Fuled by soda and old horror comics- STP slams out printed materials for all the ghastly ghouls out there!


Benjamin Scherliss Photography

Benjamin Scherliss is a local photographer who resides in Dogtown, St. Louis. He enjoys capturing scenes and landcapes in unique and atypical perspectives. Named by KTVI as one of “10 Amazing St. Louis Photographers to Follow on Instagram,” Scherliss often enjoys blurring the lines between Photography and Digital Art.




Lindsey Melickian


Keely J Art

Keely J Brown, also known as Keely J. is an emerging professional artist from Saint Louis, Missouri who works primarily with acrylic paint. Her works are typically inspired by creative visuals focusing on color, composition and dynamic shapes. Every painting is originally planned in a sketch, and then digitally re-created to satisfy the artist’s vision or idea before actually initiating the final piece on a canvas. “As a child, I remember trying to explain to my best friend at the time how I saw things ‘In Love and Color.’ It’s what makes this world alive and vibrant. It’s a mood, and a state that I believed all things should be in, but I couldn’t fully communicate this notion in a way that anyone could understand without giving them full access to my mind.” As we continue to face daily struggles in the world against issues such as terrorism, disease, religious morals, racism, and self-identity, Keely J’s goal as an artist has evolved into an effort to replenish the world with the energy that it needs to overcome by creating paintings “In Love and Color.” Holding a BFA from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis, Keely’s work has been acknowledged in the St. Louis American Newspaper, auctioned off for charity, recognized by ArtMart, and displayed at numerous local galleries including The Contemporary Arts Museum, and The St. Louis Artists’ Guild in Clayton, MO.



Josh Mann 

 I collect all sorts of images and adjust them to produce a very tentative picture of what I intend to paint. I choose images with a lot of movement and ‘changeable space’. Like any inspiration, the images act as a general guideline and a basic framework from which to work upon. I then sketch the image onto the canvas. I make countless changes throughout a work’s life cycle. I tend to add more and more complexities, color, and swirly nonsense, painstakingly assembling a puzzle.The process is tedious and slow, as I use a very small brush. The actual painting process itself consists of long hours alone in awkward positions.

Recently, I have been fascinated with fashion photography, everything from the flow and pattern of the garment to the model’s overall form. I want to saturate the models with complexity and impossibility. I like painting beautiful women ornamented in excessively gaudy abstractions. I want the observers’ eyes to wander through the details of the painting, recognizing the lively human form consumed in vividly intricate geometries. It’s a colorfully tangled harmony.

Josh Mann graduated Summa cum laude from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2011 with a BS in Physics Engineering. He currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri pursuing careers in engineering and art. His other passions include cooking, rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, and most recently, Jiu Jitsu.


Matt Meyers Design

Graphic designer, illustrator, craft beer enthusiast.



Sonya Williams

St. Louis based Illustrator, painter & graphic designer.




Megan Gregware

Meg is cursed to forever have a cute quality present in all of her evil creatures. But that doesn’t make them any safer to touch.



Chelsea VanHouten

I met all my best friends in basement, this is just how I release all the bad things inside of me.





A 501(c)3 social enterprise, Perennial is a community workshop and store in St. Louis, MO that offers educational programming in creative reuse to diverse populations and sells handmade DIY kits and tools for reuse projects. We turn trash in to amazing items and teach the community to do the same!




Basil Kincaid


Gregory C. Hartl

Gregory is a printmaker with a love of comics almost eclipsed by a love of music; uniting them is a transcendental experience that he continuously attempt to convey.

https://www.instagram.com/hartlgreg/ .


STL Sticker SWAP

We want to share our love with stickers with the world. We have a few artist themed stickers but anyone can participate. Send us your stickers with a mail back stamped and we will send you some of ours and spread the love. Stick them on your wall, laptop, books , phone or on Thad’s face when he’s passed out. Share all your stickers bombing with us with #stlstickerwsap




With Dunkies you can create your very own slam dunking character. Recreate your favorite posters or create new matchups that Father Time would not allow, the possibilities are endless!


Rukiya Kamaria


Eddie Schmid

I have never had any formal training in the arts, but I do have an appreciation for all art forms. Personally, I enjoy functional pieces that perform a useful task and are pleasing to the eye. I had a very early exposure to working with wood, my preferred medium. Most of my career was in the pattern trade, which involved many of the manufacturing trades, such as machinist, welding, and woodworking. It included exposure to many different mediums to work with, mostly different metals and wood but also plastic. I also believe wood is not something to be thrown away so casually. Almost everything I build is from discarded wood. Simple shapes, the right amount of color, and good joinery all help to distinguish some of my work. I have created pieces small and large, hutches, head boards, boxes, and bowls. Hope you find something of interest.


Adam McBride

Adam McBride is a visual artist based out of St. Louis, Missouri with an emphasis in design and illustration. He aims to bridge his design-centric sensibilities with his fine art background, creating works in a variety of mediums. Lines, colors and forms found in the many factions of Modernism influence his practice and inspire his creations.



Ashli England

I use colour as my therapy in many art forms. When painting I prefer water colors to create an expression of my connecetion with the flow of energy I’m in. I like the viewer to observe work in silence, separate them selves from mind, let the brain go empty and let the art flow through them. Then a deeper depiction of my work can be felt.



Amanda Krebel


Brianna Price

Brianna Price is a studio art major at the University of Missouri – St Louis. Price often works with figurative subjects and she works in a variety of techniques and mediums including collage, printmaking, and drawing.




Garbage Party Press

Garbage Party Press is a KCMO based artist collective featuring the work of Mark Farris and Casey Babb. We use a variety of print media to create work that speaks to our shared love of pop culture, low-brow, surrealism, bootleg action figures and what we like to call garbage aesthetic. Our mission is to create the greatest globs of glorious garbage that we can. Stop by our table and dumpster dive for the filthiest and funkiest prints, comics, zines and shirts around!







WORK/PLAY is the design and printmaking duo of Danielle + Kevin McCoy. Together, they combine illustration, minimal contemporary design along with experimental printmaking techniques into their art practice. They have expanded their practice to include textile arts, zines and short run publications.



Cbabi Bayoc Originals


Nate Jones Design

Nate Jones is a freelance graphic designer with a  printmaking degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He was a founding member and visual art director for the band Kentucky Knife Fight, an award winning St. Louis Rock outfit that has toured the nation as well as the new band Sorry, Scout. He is an avid cyclist, musician, and live music/performance art enthusiast.


Pearl Olsen

Pearl Olsen is a visual artist currently residing in Saint Louis, Missouri. Her ink and watercolor illustrations have accompanied independent poetry and music publications and have appeared in galleries throughout the Midwest as well as ATM Gallery in Austin, Texas. Most recently, two of Pearl’s illustrations were selected for the cover of UMSL Natural Bridge Literary Journal’s Spring 2017 issue, available now.




mattgray’s work is pen/ink illustrations of lazy intergalactic travelers and death along dismal landscapes. It explores individual experience with the mondane grind of everyday life. I guess.  He will be providing black and white screen prints, gliclee prints, totes and buttons.



Violet Stopp

In her first year at Cherokee Print Bazaar, Violet Stopp is an artist, illustrator, and purveyor of all things syrupy and stinky. Her mediums of choice include (sometimes claustrophobic) cross-hatched ink pen as well as vibrant digital graphics. She will be selling screen-printed clothing, stickers, and prints featuring original artwork.




Theresa Moher

Theresa Moher is a Chicana artist with focus on illustration and painting. Her work is to create an escapist universe of hyperbolize organics, lymphatic landscapes, and divergent characters. Influenced from a ongoing rebellion toward the norm. From apparel, print and more, Theresa owns her unique expressiveness as a versatile artist.


Austin Roberts

Photographer, Musician and Mixed Media artist. I have a strong focus in photojournalism and draw inspiration for illustrations from photographs for t shirts and other media. These illustrations and other media accompany my band Q , which involves chaotic performance art.     


Jenna Bauer

Jenna Bauer has maintained studios at the Leather Trades Building in Downtown St. Louis, a Quaker boarding school in the Hudson Valley and NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen.  Currently, Bauer works out of her South St. Louis Macklind Avenue Studio and Gallery.  Her work includes a variety of genres including abstract landscape painting to geometric pixelated prints on canvas.  Works to be featured at the Cherokee Street Print Bazaar include work on paper and canvas:  electronic drawings, intaglio prints, mono prints and silk screens.



Pacia Elaine

Pacia Elaine is a St. Louis-based poet and spoken word artist who has had a love affair with the written word since she was a small child. In this exploration of line, color, and form, Pacia Elaine offers vivid word art in three pieces, rooted in the idea of self and self-image. This is Pacia’s first time offering her visual artworks for sale.


Brodie Geniuz


Rell Brodie


Chelsea Holloway

Chelsea Holloway is the owner/artist at Earth Alchemy Tattoo Collective. She has been a licensed tattoo artist in the St. Louis,since 2008, and opened Earth Alchemy Tattoo Collective on Cherokee Street in 2015.  She enjoys various styles and subjects, her favorites include animals, plants, and geometry in neo-traditional and illustrative styles.




Nikole Knebel

Nikole is a natural born into an Army family in St.Louis, MO. She has lived many places but her family always came back to St.Louis for a year then stationed to the next place. Now a permanent fixture in this great city. She is a licensed tattoo artist and cosmetologist. She has a keen eye for beauty and details. Which translates into her art. She is always expanding her skills and knowledge. Forever a student.



Jessie Langes 

Jessie has a background in illustration, graphic design, and art history with a fine arts degree from the University of South Carolina. Her delicate lines and interesting textures are a signature of her detailed black and grey work. She also loves anything fun; especially desserts, creatures, and pop culture.



Cody Moore 

Cody is a life long artist and illustrator who has called many cities home including Las Vegas , Austin Texas, and Charlotte . He now calls St Louis his new home . Cody brings his unique stlyle of watercolor painting to Cherokee street. His art style has been described as ” Vintage macabre “, and has been raising eyebrows for the past 10 years. Don’t miss the opportunity to take one of his eclectic prints home with you.



Bitter Botanicals

Erin Sullivan is horticulturalist by day, while studying herbalism on the side. Bitter Botanicals is a handcrafted herbal bitters & tonics project utilizing medicinal & aromatic herbs and roots. Providing various elixirs for digestive health, mood enhancement, relaxation, & flavor with wild foraged and organic ingredients.



Melissa Wilkinson

Melissa Wilkinson is a graphic design student with an aspiring art brand.


Art by Little Miss Luna


Kevin Gill

My name is Kevin Gill,  a drawer and printmaker from St. Louis MO  currently a student at STLCC Meramec seeking a degree in Fine Arts.  Most of my work is inspired by my own personal life/background, and by the music I listen to. I tend to show attitude and emotion through my work to help set the mood for the viewer


Andrea Kipp

Andrea Kipp is a former graphic designer who graduated to parenthood for a few years then recently turned to printmaking to find herself again. Her primary focus at the moment is screen printing where she enjoys exploring the process to create work that provides a light distraction and sense of play and feeling which is almost as good as an espresso. She is still finding herself.



Michelle Zielinski

Michelle Zielinski is a printmaker and sculptor living in St. Louis.  She is experimenting in wood block, lino, screen and hand printing.  She writes, acts, directs and designs lights for local theatre companies, and loves camping with the Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts!


Grace Schellin

Grace is a 21 year old printmaking student at St. Louis Community College Meramec. She works in the print lab on campus and also has an internship at an apparel screen printing company. She is working towards building a solid portfolio to work as a freelance illustrator.


Carol Hemphill

Carol Hemphill was an artist many decades ago, and is working toward rejoining the club. Her current passion is relief printing. She lives in St. Louis County, and is a member of the STLCC Meramec Printmaking Club.


Tricia Goldman


David Wixom

Dave Wixom is a sculptor and printmaker living St. Louis, Missouri.  He is a Quaker artist seeking to expressive the positive through: mysticism, thoughts, emotions, and environmental themes. Specifically through abstractions, that are interrelated fluid: lines, planes, shapes and patterns which include both the positive objects is his work and the open space around them.


Eunsol Lee


Daniel Bournstein

Daniel is an art student at Meramec. He is interested in game design and action movies


Marilyn’s Drawing Corner

Marilyn Holmes is an artist from Louisville, Kentucky making prints for therapeutic purposes. As an Art Therapy student, she hopes to bring a sense of healing to her community through art and restoration work. Her current work focuses on digital illustration, linocut, and embroidery. She’s still trying to figure out how to merge all three. You can find some of her work for sale via her redbubble and society6 shops under the handle ja0netholmes.




Angela Malchionno 

Malchionno works in painting, fiber and print media. Her work has been exhibited
recently at Salisbury University Gallery (Salisbury, MD); Proteus Gowanus
(Brooklyn, NY); Southside Gallery (Oxford, MS); and the Urban Institute for
Contemporary Art (Grand Rapids, MI), and in St. Louis at the Craft Alliance; The
Sheldon; and Philip Slein Gallery. Malchionno is based in St. Louis, where she
coordinates ENAMEL; a space for makers and a platform for learning…a hub where
community forms around art + craft.



Trina Van Ryn 

During the week, my friends and I have a group chat where we share cute animal videos with each other.  Last year, this inspired me to make mugs for each of my friends shaped like their favorite animals.  I had just stared teaching ceramics to my high school students, so throwing pottery was fresh in my mind.  The collection has expanded to include capybaras, sloths, peacocks, unicorns, bunnies, alpacas, llamas, personal pets, and most recently, penguins.  I’m also selling mugs with the Flood Plain logo to raise money for one of Cherokee’s newest art spaces!


Amelia-Colette Jones

Amelia-Colette Jones will be selling drawings and prints at Flood Plain, a new art space on Cherokee started by Amelia, Liz Wolfson, and Trina Van Ryn. Amelia’s on-going project is Sharky, a character that infiltrates failures of memory and engages radical forgetting. In the never-ending present, situated among experimental fellow-workers, Sharky uncovers paradoxical components of repetition.


Madarasz Home Decor


Erin Belanger

Traditional artist Erin Belanger was born in 1982 in Saint Louis, Missouri. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts at Webster University where she studied both locally and abroad. Erin is a multimedia artist with the newest work focusing on photography and illustration. Erin Belanger currently produces artwork in her studio in Saint Louis, Missouri.



Justin Tolentino 

Born 1978 in St. Louis, Justin Tolentino currently resides there making his art known to the ever evolving city of St. Louis along with exhibitions expanding both nationally and international markets. He is recognized for his stylistic contemporary art.




Olivia Jondle

Olivia Jondle is a St. Louis based artist originally from small town Iowa. She is inspired by the women in her family and the stories they share. Through her work she explores misplaced nostalgia, and the kitschy nature of candid photos that capture moments in the past.

 Olivia Jondle Artist 



Becky Town

My name is Becky Town, and I am taking a printmaking class at St. Louis Community College. I’m currently studying to receive my masters in art education at UMSL, and I teach art at the Boys & Girls Club in Ferguson, Missouri. I love to spend time with my 4 year old son Isaac, and my boyfriend  Teguh, singing for church, and playing with the cats.


Home Skillet Productions

Home Skillet Productions is a domestic operation rooted in South Saint Louis. Operated by Jen Fuller and her 8 year old daughter Beatrice Kirby, Home Skillet produces fine handmade printed wares inspired by the simplicity of nature and aspects of culture that we find noteworthy.


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