2018 Artists

Adam The Devastator

Adam Bertels creative features Monsters of Rock an alphabet project combining music and monsters, Desktop Dunkies, a basketball cut out project that allows you to create your own custom dunk posters and Manlees an action-packed poster that you craft into a action hero!

Apotheosis City Project believes in a shared responsibility to love, own, and shape the places we call home. We create designs that celebrate our cities and connect people to place.

Alison Viehman is a senior at University Missouri Saint Louis obtaining my Bachelor in Fine Arts, majoring in Graphic Design and Minoring in Art History.  She is also interested in printmaking and creating prints involving historical events and monuments.

Allison Lesch is an artist, educator, and all-around maker based in St. Louis, Missouri. Her work combines traditional, hand-drawn media with a focus on color, pattern, and design.

Art by Alison is an illustrator who enjoys drawing concepts from whimsical images, animals and creatures to topical political and environmental issues of the day. The emphasis in my work is on detail and shading, but I use water color and other mediums as well. I am a 2017 Graduate of Webster University, Fine Arts, Illustration. She participated in her first professional art fair as this past Fall at the Clayton Art Fair, Clayton Missouri.

Art of Brad McMillan Throughout his life, the late Memphis- and Dallas-based artist, Brad McMillan, created a vast collection of mystical, satirical and often cynical original artwork. He was an editorial cartoonist for the Memphis Business Journal and other papers for 23 years. His colorful illustrations, cartoons, and character studies created in the 70s and early 80s bring something unique and interesting to the viewer as well as plenty of playful vintage & hippie vibes. Brad’s library of work, including prints and originals for sale will be represented by his daughter, Cat McMillan.

Art by Little Miss Luna A St. Louis native with a passion for cute! This will be my third year at the Print Bazaar. I plan on arriving with tons of adorable new stickers and buttons!

Allison K. Sissom  -Artist, Art Educator, and Zinester located in St. Louis.- I create collages using secondhand materials, specifically children’s books and nature photography books. I arranged these scenes to encourage the viewer to think about the interactions between the figures and nature. In this, you will find intimate moments woven into impossible dream-like scenes.

Amanda’s Prints- Amanda is a senior at UMSL. She will graduate with her BFA with an emphasis in Printmaking as of Spring 2019.

Ami Amore’s AMORTICIOUS A natural born eccentric and creative dynamo, Ami started drawing at age 2. In the 90’s she enjoyed colored pencil, oil pastels and B&W photography. After a decade long hiatus to pursue her dance career,she rekindled her love of making art. Today she enjoys many forms of visual art including painting with acrylics, drawing, block printing, metalsmithing, creating shadow boxes and jewelry with deceased animals.

Andrea Kipp My purpose is to create art that elicits a relatable and positive response in the viewer while at the same time expressing my own personality. Printmaking is my current medium of choice; specifically screen printing and some relief printing. I am enrolled in Meramec printmaking classes which allows me access to both the facilities, inspiration of fellow students and the experience of the staff. Art is my happy adventure.

Arden Goewert -I am a printmaking who has recently expanded into metalworking. I use natural and organic images in my creations. I like to create pieces that have a narrative; stories that invoke ideas, emotions, or atmosphere.

Austin Roberts I am primarily a photographer but also work with illustrations, paintings and screen printing. My main focus is photojournalism and concert photography. I also create a lot of artwork for my band, Q.


Bad Cat Vintage & Leather Vintage clothing and hand made leather patches and goods.

Bienvenido A St. Louis Local bilingual graphic designer Carlos Restrepo will be selling unique t-shirts with a welcoming message in Spanish. Restrepo, a native of Colombia who lives off of Cherokee, is using the funds to support the legal fees and other costs associated with bringing his father to the U.S. from Colombia.

Blue Mask Studio is the amalgamation of the musings of artist, muralist and illustrator Patrick Weck. Nineteen of Patrick’s wildlife habitat murals can be found at the St. Louis Zoo, mostly in the Herpetarium. Patrick spends much of his free time creating fine art and comics inspired by surrealism, natural history and speculative fiction. His alchemical mixings of inks, paints, and words manifest into theriomorphic beings and steampunk megafauna that exist in a parallel natural history filled with cosmic adventure. Find him on Etsy at BlueMaskStudio, or follow him at bluemaskart on instagram.

Brandon Daniels is writer and artist living in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated with his MFA in Visual Art from Washington University in 2015. He has written and illustrated self published comics and worked as a colorist and letterer for multiple other self published creative teams. He is a prominent member of Ink and Drink Comics, a St. Louis based collective of writers and illustrators putting out genre based anthologies twice a year. His current project is an illustrated adaption of Micromegas, a short story written by Voltaire and considered by some to be the first true work of science fiction

Building Bases Press is the moonlighting project of Matty Kleinberg after he comes home from work. With woodblock prints and the forefront,  Building Bases aims to speak to the memory of home, place, and the safe havens that allow us to be ourselves. BBP also features handmade pocket journals and holiday ornaments.

Cara Hoppes McCulley -Cara has always been an artist, since clutching her first crayon. She’s worked in many mediums, but has been addicted to mosaics for about 15 years.  Cara also works in theater and film, acting and designing costumes and makeup. Hey day job is substitute teaching, night job is with the Kranzberg Arts Foundation.

Chaos Collage is a collection of orginal artworks by Rachel Wyrick. Chaos Collage produces mixed media collage, prints, zines, and accessories that make art that is thought provoking and easily accessible.

Christine Bosch Local illustrator with a crafting habit and a snarky sense of humor.

CLR-MNSTR x MASCOT collaborative retail + artspace, located in downtown St. Louis off Locust & 19th. We sell artist-crafted clothing, handmade accessories, graphic tees, collectibles and prints. The Artspace serves as a gallery that hosts monthly pop up shop + art release parties. We represent 15-20 local artists & creators, featuring 120+ pieces of original artwork at all times. We also have an in-house print and design factory where we screen-print apparel, accessories and paper goods.

Our Artists & Makers: 

Shop & Gallery 
1900 Locust, 3rd Floor
Downtown STL, 63103
Shopclrmnstr.com | @clr_mnstr
Mascotagency.com | @mascotagency 

CREATEwithME! My name is Mari El! I am an artist, event planner and instruct artistic workshops and classes for all ages, organizations and occasions. CREATEwithME! is an art experience that any one can enjoy! IG: createwithme.mari

Cydney and Noah are illustrators/designers/printmakers based in the Kansas City area. They love fun colors, exploring new ideas, and making things together. Both Cydney and Noah are currently students at the University of Central Missouri, Cydney is a printmaking and illustration major and Noah is a graphic design major.

Dan Zettwoch makes slice-of-life comics, goofball illustrations, how-to diagrams and lo-fi screenprints in his house in St. Louis. His books include BIRDSEYE BRISTOE (Drawn & Quarterly), AMAZING FACTS & BEYOND (Uncivilized Books), and lots of self-published mini-comics. He has silkscreened St. Louis folk icons, gross foods, baseball statistics, weird birds, and lots more.

Debdragonfly Studio Debbie is an artist, a dreamer, and a lover of life. She paints original works of art using acrylics and mixed media. She creates whimsy, inspirational, and abstract artwork that appeals to both the young and the young at heart. Her inspiration comes from nature, other artists, her experiences, and other ideas she has swirling in her head. She has always worked a corporate job but her artistic outlets are what drives her passion. Her creations are a reflection of Debbie’s life and personality. She creates from a happy place inspired by love, nature, and adventure. The goal of her work is to remind people to smile and to live life every day. “Be strong in your roots… Grow with the wind” is her mantra and it is evident in everything she touches.

Devin Hill -My name is Devin Hill. I have been running Swamp Trash Press since 2010. I make screen printed designs, woodcuts, comics, and much more. If you like nostalgic, horror, or weird stuff I’m your guy! My hobbies include record collecting, watching horror movies, and above all making art! You can check out my work in Instagram @dirtdrool and on Etsy Swamp Trash Press. Hope you enjoy, ya ghouls!

Edo Rosenblith Studio Hello If you come to my “booth” you will see…. drawings books t-shirts posters paintings patches paintings & prints ….all filtered through the lens of a personalized cartoon language. I utilize these mediums as a way to create images that address personal and historical narratives which are grotesque or sublime and will hopefully induce a reaction from the viewer, preferably laughter

Eugenia Alexander is a Self taught artist working and showing in the metro area. Her one-line illustrations show an organic flow with every illustration being unique in its own shape and form.

Fine Line Studios is an arts-based day program supporting adults with developmental disabilities, located in the Bridgeton neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri. We are a part of Resources for Human Development (RHD), a national human services non-profit, dedicated to supporting thousands of people of all abilities every year with effective, innovative, and person-centered programs. Fine Line Studios offers adults with disabilities an outlet for unbridled creativity and self-expression through visual arts, music, and community involvement. We provide individuals with the tools and materials to create art and the supports to define themselves as artists. Through classes in drawing & illustration, painting techniques, printmaking, ceramics & sculpture, jewelry, fibers, filmmaking, creative writing, and original music production, we allow our clients to explore their creative desires and develop their artistic skills. We help our individuals gain access to the local community through volunteering and leisure activities, by visiting local art museums and galleries, and showcasing their artwork in exhibitions. The staff members we employ to support our artists come from various backgrounds in the arts, allowing us to create a vibrant, diverse, and unique culture. Through the arts, we enrich the lives of those we serve.

Floating Head makes comics, posters, postcards and more with a dose of sci-fi, a touch of humor, and bit of the artsy and experimental.

Garbage Party Press  GPP is an artist collective featuring work in a variety of print media by Mark Farris and Casey Babb. Inspired by 80s and 90s pop culture, punk culture, horror movies and a pension for dystopian sci-fi, our mission is to create the most glorious gobs of garbage that we can.  Stop by our table to dumpster dive for the funkiest and filthiest prints, comics, shirts and zines around!

Geoff Parker is a St. Louis area artist that specializes in making woodblock, linocut, and letterpress prints on paper and t-shirts (and whatever else he can get his perpetually inky hands on). He is a nerd about all things print, and if you’re not careful, he’ll probably talk your ear off.

Georgia Knoll Currently a student of Printmaking at UMSL, Georgia Knoll utilizes a variety of print techniques with the hope of sharing her interpretations of the natural world. Recent obsessions masquerading as subject matter including marine invertebrates, curious geological formations, desert plant life, and only the fattest of cats.

Gina Carr is a student and artist that has a passion for ink. She makes stickers, tattoo designs, caricatures, and oil paintings for commissions as well as available for sale. She has recently delved into the world of printmaking and enjoys getting lost in the high level of detail and intricate linework that can be created with etching and linocuts.

Eli is an independent artist who makes acrylic paintings and poster prints that typically feature stylistic portraits. He also does commission work such as t-shirt designs for local bands, or even personal requests from clients.

Mutant Pulp is all about paper and monsters. From paper toys to pop ups, mutant pulp does it all. Mutant Pulp is dedicated to small run paper products to ensure that you are getting a unique gift.

GHETTO RIG We are an artist run print shop specializing in small run silk screen editions. insta: ghetto_rig

Honna Veerkamp is a community-oriented artist, documentarian, and educator. For the past year-and-a-half, she has been making a watercolor painting every day, chronicling her life and surroundings. Follow her on Instagram @honnav

Janie Stamm is a tiny, queer, visual artist from the python infested swamps of South Florida. She is currently working towards her MFA in studio art at Washington University in St. Louis. Janie has shown all over the northern hemisphere in places like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and the UK. If you are looking for her, Janie can often be found sewing and beading in her studio or watching X-Files reruns with her cat, Poppy.

Jenna Bauer is a multidisciplinary artist. Her practice consists of painting, printmaking, drawing, and social sculpture: developing not-for-profit arts organizations, teaching and creating opportunities for arts education.

Jessica Bremehr Body work with a pop art lens.

Joanne Stremsterfer Joanne has lived in St. Louis most of her life and earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. She received her B.S. degree in Secondary Education from the University of Missouri Columbia. Her works are in the collection of Emerson, Yellow Freight Lines, Towers and Perrin, Lang and Smith Group, Koetting and Assoc. and several private collections. Her monotype “Looking for Cowboys” is included in the book “The Art Teacher’s Survival Guide for Secondary Schools” by Helen D. Hume. She has exhibited in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas.

Jodi Woolsey I’m an illustrator, designer, and printmaker located in the St. Louis area. My love for art started when I became a caricature artist at the age of sixteen, and I haven’t stopped drawing ever since. While I work heavily in the graphic arts, I also love to screenprint on the side and experiment a lot in that area. Most of my work in considered quirky and humorous, but is usually sparked by some sort of thought-provoking idea.

Justin King is a multidisciplinary artist from St. Louis. He primarily is a painter and sculptor. With unusual mediums such as cardboard and papier mache, he creates animals and pop influenced sculptures. His papier mache animal busts fool your eye into believing they’re cast bronze while his cardboard sculptures surprise you with their detail and form.  His paintings range from colorful fluid abstracts to stylized portraits. He sells work at New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary art and through private sales. He works out of his in home studio in the historic neighborhood of Tower Grove Heights, where he lives with his wife, son and dog.

Kayla Williams I am currently a student at Saint Louis Community College- Meramec aiming to get my Associates in Fine Arts at the end of this year. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different techniques of printmaking and getting to use both real-world imagery and imagined.

Keely J ART Keely is an emerging artist from Saint Louis, Missouri who works primarily with acrylic paint. Her works are inspired by creative visuals, focusing on color, composition and dynamic shapes. Holding a BFA from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis, Keely’s work has been acknowledged in the St. Louis American Newspaper, auctioned off for charity, recognized by ArtMart supply store, and displayed at numerous local galleries including The Contemporary Arts Museum, and The St. Louis Artists’ Guild in Clayton, MO.

Kelsey Rohde St. Louis based printmaker, Kelsey Rohde, has been pursuring the career of a screen printer for five years. She grew up a few miles south of Decatur, Illinois is a small town named Macon. She attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville where she snagged a bachelors degree in Studio Art which quickly led her to St. Louis. Her work explores personal and social issues which allows her to inventively explore her deepest emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that otherwise, bog her down. Utilizing gauges and silk screens allows her to make art that feels right. Her latest work includes large scale woodcuts and printed wrapping paper.

Kevin Gill A printmaker who’s style is based around surreal expressionism. Artwork inspired by personal life, music, and modern day society.

Kid buffalo press is a solo screen printing operation run by yours truly, Ryan Hogan. I started printing in 2014, the year after i graduated from college. I primarily print cute animals illustrations and pretty landscapes derived from photos of my travels. You can follow along on my journey @Kidbuffalopress

Killer Napkins Local illustrator and painter of weird stuff large and small. My mom says I make nice things.

KillyKillyPower is the workshop of mixed-media artist and maker, Hope Ainsworth. Her work is known to be like, “BLAOW!” and shiny & sparkly, and also unsettling at times. She will have a variety of prints, illustrations, collages and small original paintings available.

KneeHigh Prints is the art studio of Nick Nihira. Nick is an artist, musician, and Associate Professor of Art at Jefferson College.

Landon Ruan My name is Landon. I’m Graphic Designer/ Illustrator who currently studying at UMSL for second BFA degree. I also studied printmaking under professor Jeff Sippel in UMSL with Lithography and Etching focus. In the past, I lived in Orange County, CA and worked under LA based – Japanese comic magazine company: MANGABOMB. During that time I was also a freelance artist at Chalk Art Festival in Pasedena, CA. I like cartoon, animation and comic in general. My arts are combined of both traditional and digital prints, most importantly, they are for fans of illustration.

Lauren Marx is a traditional artist, from Saint Louis, with a focus in pen and watercolor illustrations of dark flora and fauna. She has been exhibited nationally and internationally and received a BFA from Webster University in 2014.

Layla Zubi & Aalia Rahman Layla Zubi is a visual artist based in the St. Louis bi-state area. She continues to use her multiple identities of being a multi-ethnic, first-generation American, Muslim and woman in order to generate empowering narratives of representation in her practice. Zubi received a B.A. in studio art at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2014. Aalia Rahman is a designer and artist based in St. Louis. She creates hand lettering illustrations and various graphic design content for businesses and non-profits. As a painter, Rahman captures memory, emotion, and alternative states of reality hidden within the confines of a mortal body through a surrealist lens. She earned her degree in studio art from Saint Louis University, focusing in painting and graphic design.

Locality Studio is the freelance design company of Katie McLaughlin. I focus on community-driven art and graphic design. My background in urban planning and urban design has emphasized my interest in the importance and uniqueness of place.

Lucky Bean Studio A self-proclaimed food nerd, I create food illustrations that are nostalgic, reference pop culture and foodie inside jokes. The food is personified partly because my background is in animation and partly because I envision it having personality. My hope is that the prints and cards spark good memories reminding people of friends, loved ones and favorite shared meals. Most of the prints are created digitally, but I also offer screenprint and traditional media works.

Luke Firle is a multi-disciplinary artist hailing from Hematite, Missouri. In his early career he was primarily a painter with interests in the history painting and mark making.  As a painter he works in a variety of paint mediums and uses a multitude of application techniques. As as sculptor he is interested in systems that interact and compete with one another. As a craftsman Luke is interested in the reuse of materials that others are throwing out. He is constantly in the pursuit of learning new skills, old as well as new and using new techonolgies to further his knowledge of making.

Maginating Designed by former animator, Brad Woods, Maginating combines a love of clean design, whimsical characters, and bold colors in a unique line of greeting cards and art prints.    

Melissa Bauer The art of Melissa Bauer reflects her biggest love- the outdoors. She uses pen and watercolor to draw and paint Missouri native plants and animals, as well as National Park landscapes in plein air. When she is not painting or hiking, she works at Saint Louis Art Museum and is studying for her Masters of History at UMSL.

Mollie Chounard Fine Art Mollie is a St. Louis native, working primarily with acrylic on canvas. She graduated from Memphis College of Art, but soon realized that graphic design wasn’t her calling. While trying to find her own artistic voice she became inspired by Surrealist artists like Salvador Dali.

Mirka M Artist Mirka Fetté is currently president of the Saint Louis Watercolor Society and has been back to art full time for the past thirteen years. Her background in architecture and art inspire her to be experimental in applying new techniques. She has studied with numerous nationally known artists. Printmaking has opened up a whole new territory that allows for different kinds of expression. She enjoys fine art printing because there is tremendous opportunity to make textures. The prints can take on a bas relief quality that I find appealing. The layering inherent to printmaking tells a history for each piece. I can enhance these prints with collage and watercolors or pastel if they need something extra. The creative process is life enhancing and brings a more peaceful, meditative state of mind. The ability to present her perception of nature is a joy.

Monaco is an artist-owned cooperative that operates as an alternative to the traditional gallery model. Referencing one of the wealthiest states in the world—notorious as a “freeport” for art and other luxury items—the name suggests a sovereign micro-state, emphasizing the autonomy of the project, and hints at ideas of commerciality in the contemporary art world. Monaco provides opportunities for critical inquiry and commercial potential, and supports it’s members by forging new connections and fostering community. Members include both emerging and mid-career artists, and collaborative entities as well as individuals. Its exhibits range from solo shows to curated group exhibitions.

MosblechArt Mary has been printmaking for 15 years starting with mono prints at the St Louis Artistss Guild; relief, intaglio, lithography and screen printing at Forest Park Community College and University of Missouri – St Louis.

Nate Jones is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer with a printmaking degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. His “Famous Hair Lines” series of prints have sold internationally and been recognized twice by Buzzfeed. He was a founding member and visual art director for the band Kentucky Knife Fight, as well as the current stl indie band Sorry, scout, both of which are award winning St. Louis indie Rock outfits, the former of which has toured the nation. He is an avid cyclist, musician, and live music enthusiast.

Neither/nor Zine Distro Neither/nor is owned and operated by Kansas Citian, Jess Hogan. Jess loves making, reading, trading, and collecting zines. She helps organize the annual KC Zine Con and established Neither/nor is 2015. The distro stocks zines in local brick and mortar stores, tables zine/art festivals, and recently launched an online shop. Local, personal, DIY, self-care, radical and feminist zines are the focus of this distro. Other things neither/nor has to offer are titles from Pioneers Press, Silver Sprocket, Eberhardt Press, School of Life Design, and Portland Button Works, used zines, Slingshot Newspapers and Organizers, a zine subscription service and custom pin back buttons.

Nelson Ricks is an art student at UMSL, emphasizing in drawing. Preferred media include ink, watercolor, ceramic, and fiber-textile. All prints available are closed edition screen prints and woodblock. Much of his art is inspired by eastern religion, tribal art, 1970s, and the theme of transformation.

Nina Marlotte A student and young artist who makes weird and unique creatures and medieval type prints.

Nika Marble Art is a multidisciplinary arts.

Olivia DiCampo I am a student at UMSL majoring in studio art with an ephasis in Printmaking. I have been printmaking for three years now and my favorite method of print is relief carving.

On Being in Your Body Collection of ephemera that asks the viewer to take pause; it exists online, on paper and in our skin. We makes work about what it means to be in our bodies, and how we take up space in the world.

Pacia Elaine is a St. Louis-based poet and spoken word artist who has had a love affair with the written word since she was a small child. In this exploration of line, color, and form, Pacia Elaine offers vivid word art in three pieces, rooted in the idea of self and self-image. This is Pacia’s second time offering her visual artworks for sale.

Paul Artspace is a residency program based in St. Louis, Missouri that offers living and studio space for local, national, and international artists, writers, and curators. Through providing time and space, Paul Artspace promotes thoughtful discourse and artistic exchanges within the greater cultural community.

Perennial A 501(c)3 social enterprise, Perennial is a community workshop and store in St. Louis, MO that offers educational programming in creative reuse to diverse populations and sells handmade DIY kits and tools for reuse projects. We turn trash in to amazing items and teach the community to do the same!

Regan Chrisman I am currently pursing my BFA in printmaking and painting at the University of Central Missouri. I like to use transparent inks in my screen printing to have the colors overlay and mix in a similar way to paint. I create art about women, spaces, pattern, and sometimes the occasional cat but i always like to play with how colors can be pushed through sceen printing layers. Instagram: @regan_chrismanart

Rici Hoffarth’s work illustrates the absurd, haphazard, confusing, and wondrous inner world that is sometimes more *real* than what’s “real.” Geometric patterns explode from (or sometimes subtly trail) the human figure, giving the sense of the figure’s internal world bursting into the space outside their body. Her portraiture work is an observed catalog of the contours of peoples’ faces and souls. Intricate line work gives a buzzing, moving effect, as if animating the soul’s movement through the body. These contemplative, introspective works illuminate the artist’s belief that every single being in this world contains multitudes and pieces of the divine.

Riso Hell is a risograph printing and publishing operation based in Saint Louis, run by Brandon Bandy and Bridget Carey. We sell prints, posters, zines, artist books, cards, and offer for-hire printing services.

Ron Weaver is an artist/illustrator/printmaker living in the tranquil Northampton neighborhood of St. Louis. In his backroom studio, Raygun, Ink., he creates pop-tinged goods influenced by his favorite things: monsters, robots, comic books, and a good cup of coffee.

Saint Louis Art Museum On view at the Saint Louis Art Museum from November 11-February 3, 2019, Graphic Revolution: American Prints 1960 to Now examines the transformational decade of the 1960s through the early 21st century, and the emergence of the creative synergies between the artists, publishers, printers, dealers, and collectors who have been critical to the development of American art during that time. Drawing from the Saint Louis Art Museum’s notable collection of post–World War II American prints and the holdings of private collections in St. Louis, the exhibition features more than 110 works by a diverse group of artists whose visual imagery helped define the spirit of their time. Notable highlights include works by Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Louise Bourgeois, Bruce Conner, Barbara Kruger, Luis Jimenez, Edgar Heap of Birds, Julie Mehretu, and many more!

Shelby Sebaugh is a senior at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, pursuing a degree in art education. She works primarily in relief printing, hand-carving linoleum and wood. She takes inspiration from just about anything that occupies her mind; therefore, her subject matter varies from art history to social issues to pretty song lyrics.

SkinnyD Creative Studio Founded by James Bratten in 2006, SkinnyD Creative Studios is a creative gun for-hire specializing in print design and illustration, as well as screen-printing and creative solutions, for clients the world over. In a little over a decade James has grown from college kid on his couch making posters for local bands to a full-fledged print and design shop, still making those band posters, but now handling print collateral design for clients that include powerhouses such Nike, JCPenney, the University of Missouri, The Aqaubats, and even Kanye West. James is excited to bring SkinnyD BACK to Cherokee for another great year and can’t wait to see all the familiar faces and amazing art!

Sloppy Queer Press was established by two queers who don’t have everything together.

Small Letters is a collaborative literary art serial by Rachel Linn and Marika Josephson. Printed by the artists by hand on an engraving press with polymer plates, this experimental series explores the limits of literature and art using one of the smallest printing press available. Each monthly issue is created from a mash up of the two writers’ distinct styles—one derived from cross-genre texts and surrealism, the other from haiku and short poetry—and their overlapping sensibilities. Printing, wood- and linocuts, engraving, stitching, and all other finishes are completed by the artists by hand.

Sonya Williams I’m a painter and digital artist who has lived in St. Louis since 2013. I graduated in 2017 from Saint Louis University with a B.A. in Studio Art and currently work as a graphic designer for CheckMark, Nestlé Purina’s internal creative agency. In my work I explore feminine presence through female form. I am inspired by the women in my life and the physical space we are often discouraged to occupy. My work celebrates rejecting the notion of the latter.

Starseeds I am a twenty-something year old visual artist native of St. Louis, Missouri, and I go by the artist name, Ori Tala. My artistic talents started and were developed early in my youth. I began working to intersect the arts with business pre-college and made it more of an emphasis for my major in attending college. The pieces I create employ the intertwined styles of cubism, surrealism and imposes the idea of overcoming struggle and the human experience through personal and identical individuality via narratives of brown and black people in America. I use art to pay homage to recognition of mental illnesses and issues faced within underprivileged or oppressed communities. My art themes and style provide peace of mind and tranquility through afro-surrealism with a realistic comic style. I am visually paying recognition to the physical attributes of people of color. My future goal with my artist journey is to provide a children’s art house for on the spectrum, LGBTQIA+ youth and foster youth and to improve the lives of our families and children with art. N’Dea “Ori Tala” Collins-Whitfield Contact: 314-571-0720 Instagram: @starseedsbyori @oritala2spirit Facebook page: StarseedsbyOri

Stephanie Gobby is an artist that grew up in California and bounced around the country before settling in St. Louis in 2014. Her illustrations feature creatures and characters both real and fantastic. Most of her work is created traditionally with ink or paint with the occasional bit of digital magic.

Stuart Shadwell is a not-so-fine St. Louis based artist, cartoonist, and puppet make. Drawing and printmaking are the artists favorite mediums. He is also a first-amendment fundamentalist from the left side of the political spectrum.

Taylor Hiette is an Artist based in Saint Louis, Missouri. Her love of art started in preschool and bloomed over the years. Taylor started her own side business, creating charcoal collaged posters for her friends, family, and others around the area. While attending UMSL, she discovered another passion of hers, screen printing. She enjoys printing on T-Shirts as well as any times of paper. Taylor has created a wide variety of prints from beach themed to Saint Louis themed.

The Artists of St. Louis trading cards bring together over 60 local artists living and working in the city. Photographer Dave Moore captured each artist in their space and then designed the cards in the style of classic baseball cards. Packs and full sets will be available at Flood Plain.

The Book Whisperer offers the best lightly used fiction and non fiction books around.

Theresa Williams Design (Formerly Black Wood Prints) Theresa Williams is a designer, illustrator, letterer, and artist, among other things.

Thu Lai  I study Graphic Communication at STLCC, Meramec.

Tiniest Postcard Emporium features hand-made postcards, cyanotype sun prints, and assorted found-object assemblages by Kyle Brandt-Lubart, a Dutchtown-based maker and mental health practitioner. Waterbearer Photography features prints. The mission: nurture the inner beauty in all things. Capture it on film.

Tricia Goldman & Jacob Jeliti are studying printmaking with Ken Wood at St. Louis Community College, Meramec.

Two Pats Pat Buhse and Pat Staley are metalsmiths. They make unique hand-crafted jewelry using copper, silver, stones and beads.

Tyler B. Ruff in an old man in a 30-year-old’s body who makes art and writes and illustrates comic book series like The Unforgiven, a story for rebel weirdos about rising up against plutocracy and authoritarian oppression. He enjoys crossword puzzles, Matlock, and watching capitalism destroy itself.

Valerie Dratwick I’m a photographer and a printmaker. I mixed both mediums with traditional and digital techniques.

Visions Jewelry & Candles Cynthea Jones has been creating unique pieces of jewelry for years. Her passion for her art is reflected in her work.

Wang Dang Doodle Press is the creation of Aimee Kick. Started in 2014, Wang Dang Doodle Press has featured screen prints, home goods and furniture that boasts folk-inspired designs.

Wicked Arts and Crafts– My name is Amanda Tevebaugh and I’m a Saint Louis artist and crafter who makes fun little cross stitches and linoleum cut prints that I hand paint.

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