2019 Artist Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in being an artist for the 2019 Print Bazaar on Cherokee Street on December 7th!

Artist registration for the 2019 event has now closed. 

All artists are guaranteed a comfortable indoor and easily accessible location to showcase their work. Artist names and locations will be included on a printed map that will be distributed the day of the event at a ‘check-in’ location (TBD). 

We recommend that artists provide their own table and all necessary vendor merchandising needs for the event. If, for some reason, a vendor is unable to secure a table, please let us and/or your designated venue know ahead of the event, and we will do our best to help.

While a venue for your booth will be accommodated, please be mindful of how much space you will need to sell your goods. Please include in your registration sign-up form how much space you are expecting to use.

More information to follow once your registration is complete and venues are confirmed! Stay tuned!


This year’s one-of a-kind hand printed passports will provide a map of all participating artists and their venues. We ask that all participating artists have a stamp and ink pad prepared for the day for event attendees to collect. If you do not have a stamp that you already use for your business, we suggest finding a quirky object that you can ink up (ie: a wine cork). If you want something more professional, we recommend checking out Barnard Stamp Company.

Buttons: TBD



email: shaheera@cherokeestreet.com

2 Responses to 2019 Artist Registration Form

  1. Carrie keasler says:

    Hi- I co-registered with Rebecca Bodicky. Do I send my bio to the address above? Thank you,
    Carrie Keasler

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