2017 venues

img_2885 img_2826 img_2761


2201 Cherokee

South City Art Supply
1926 Cherokee

2311 Cherokee

Flowers to the People
2317 Cherokee

3359 S. Jefferson

Saint Louis Hop Shop
2600 Cherokee

Future Ancestor
2617 Cherokee

State Street Trading Co.
2626 Cherokee Street

Mesa Home
2619 Cherokee

The Fortune Teller Bar
2635 Cherokee

2650 Cherokee

The Whiskey Ring
2651 Cherokee

Earthbound Beer
2724 Cherokee

Spoked Bikes & Stuff
2716 Cherokee Street

(The old Melt Space)
2717 Cherokee Street

2729 Cherokee

2732 Cherokee

Cherokee Buddhist Temple
2830 Cherokee

Blank Space
2847 Cherokee

Flood Plain
3151 Cherokee

STL Style
3159 Cherokee

Grease 3 
3214 Cherokee

2218 Cherokee Street

Ruby Francis
2310 Cherokee Street

2606 Cherokee Street

Cherokee and Texas
2623 Cherokee Street

Bridge Bread
2639 Cherokee Street

The Juice
2640 Cherokee Street

Angel Boutique Resale Shop
2700 Cherokee Street

House of Eight Legs
2714 Cherokee Street

Thrift Gold
2730 Cherokee Street

The Taco & Ice Cream Joint
2738 Cherokee Street

Alchemy Tattoo Collective  
2839 Cherokee Street

Untitled Fine Art STL
2920 Cherokee Street

Beatrice Jean Vintage 
3408 Ohio

Bomb Door
3346 Texas



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